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Jun 19, 2019
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Supergram messenger is super advanced messaging app. Supergram is one of the fastest and lightest messaging app. For those interested in maximum privacy, Supergram is best choice. this application is secure, cloud-based and powerful.

Supergram features:
- Download Manager: manage downloads in an advanced way at arbitrary time schedule. Downloads will start at the specified time.
- Advanced specific audience: be aware of being online and offline, change of photo and the name and phone number of the intended audience in the shortest time possible.
- Categorizing Chats: Categorize your chats in your customized way.
- Managing media and files: View and manage all media files at once.
- Advanced forward: Changing text before sending, changing or adding the text under image or before sending a photo or video, adding text to Gif before sending, all with advanced forward.
- Separation of Posts: groups, channels, bots and contacts are placed in isolated tabs.
- Separation of chats at multiple forward
- Specific settings of each chat: Ability to set automatic download media for any dialogue
• Ability to set automatic download media for any dialogue
• Ability to store files on external memory (in all versions of Android)
- Hiding channels, groups: the possibility to hide chats in an advanced form and the ability to set a password for the hidden chats as numbers or text.
- Ability to bookmark dialog (so that in future reference to chat you know which message you read)
- Ability to select all contacts in creating channel or group
- Ability to select a group or all contacts to add to the channel made
- Favorites and unread tabs: Always important conversations are within your reach in separate tabs. The ability for automatic download of the favorites chats.
- Selecting of stickers and Emoji: Adding favorites tab to display stickers and Emoji.
- Viewing the status of visitors’ audience in the Home: the Status of the last Visitors audience is displayed with a colored icon.
- ID locator: Using this feature, you can search and find friends through their ID.
- Forward without the quotes: You can display other messages without being called signaling and sending it to others.
- Changes of Contacts: report on the latest changes of contacts in the name, number or profile picture.
- The possibility to create a theme: You can use our built-in templates and in addition, you will be able to create your own themes and share it.
- Delete contacts: You can delete contacts in groups and selectively.
- Ability to view subscription options fast in all chat and the ability to send text accompanying the video
- Changing the font: the ability to change and choose a font from among beautiful fonts combination.
- Online contacts: View online contacts list.
- Separation of bilateral contacts: Contacts whose numbers you have appeared distinct.
- Marking the messages and the ability to message signs
- The ability to activate and deactivate tabs of location
- Ability to send painting professionally
- Leaving the group with the possibility of returning to Group
- Supporting Sweet Persian language
- Has very nice fonts
- Support for solar and Gregorian dates
- Distinction between bilateral contacts
- Admin finder of Group and Super Group
- Ability to remove a group of contacts
- Ability to draw and send a drawing
- Detailed view of the number of members and Views
- Going to the first message of channels
- Saving messages on favorites page
- Super Toolbar
- Change the chat bubbles
- Change the quality of uploading images
- Online and offline contact notification
- Multi-account feature
- Proxy support for Socks5
- Supports MTProto proxy
- Advertising blocking
- Hide proxy channel support
- Show time edited messages
- And much more ...

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