Supermarket Grocery Shopping Mall: Color by Number APK

Enjoy supermarket shopping simulator where you can buy whatever you want!

Make yourself ready to take over the store with Super Market Grocery Store. Explore the supermarket world and get ready for some fun in grocery shopping.

Grab your stuff from the different sections of the supermarket like fruits, vegetables, toys and many other areas. Make your grocery market neat and clean. Do not make a mess. First waste the garbage and clean the floor and glass window. Also remove the rotten vegetables and fruits from the shelves and place it with the new fresh and juicy fruits and other market items on the show.

Empty and clear the trolley and cleanup the warehouse and stack the new items. Give an example to the world in learning how to recycle and sort your waste. Put the newly fresh items correctly in different recycling bins, plastic and organic.

Alert yourself of being up to make sure delivering the orders correctly. So, girl! get yourself ready to manage the duties in this big supermarket and a lots of fun and enjoyment is waiting for you.

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