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Supernal Spirit Box is an experimental ITC app that uses live IP stations.

UpdatedFeb 01, 2020 (1 year ago)
DeveloperParanormal Shadows UK
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Supernal Spirit Box is an experimental ITC app that uses live IP stations with additional static background & option to 3 minute meditation before each session.

How it works:
Supernal has a completely random sweep pattern for every session this is created by a collision of particles you can see in the app background when sweep feature is running.
Every time a collision happens you hear a very short burst of live audio, the speed of the particles can be adjusted using the sweep speed slider.

Echo Feature:
The echo feature uses the device microphone to create the echo effect, we recommend using an external speaker for best results with the echo feature to minimise feedback.
As the microphone is creating the echo you will also hear your questions being delayed back creating an ideal source of sound along with the live IP for manipulation.

Relax button will play a 3 minute audio clip to allow you to relax & meditate before your session, it is believed this can benefit your communication & open your minds eye.

Sweep button will start the sweep of live IP audio, we have kept the audio bursts short to help rule out false positives as this is live audio & can not be reversed in real time by the app.

Static will add a gentle AM style static sound as a background effect to either be used with the sweep or on its own for EVP work, the static file is only 4 minutes 20 seconds & will loop until stopped, this is beneficial as this file will never change so if you receive communication via manipulation it is credible evidence if presented in the right way.

If an error message appears after first install this is due to app permissions, please allow permissions then close app fully & re-open the application to resolve.

Thank you for supporting us at Paranormal Shadow Investigations

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Permissions Code Fixed
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