Surah Al Muzammil Plus MP3 APK

Recite Surah Al Muzammil From Al-Quran Plus MP3 Audio Offline

Version1.5 (5)
UpdatedJul 30, 2019 (12 months ago)
DeveloperWuvi Studio
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Download this application for free, Surah Al Muzammil Plus MP3 Audio is an application that make you able to recite the text of Surah Al Muzammil from the Holy Quran including listen to MP3 audio from world famous reciter Saad Al Ghamdi.
Just download and install the app you will have the surah Al Muzammil including the MP3 audio, you do not need Internet connection or WIFI when using this application.

- You are able to choose only the text of surah Al Muzammil to recite it
- Or you can choose recite text of surah Al Muzammil while listening the MP3 audio

One who recite this surah Al Muzammil have the following benefits:
- He'll see or meet the Prophet in his dreams.
- If the person recites this surah for any worldly problem, then that
problem will be solved.
- If the ill person is made to drink the water on which this surah is
recited, then that person gets well.
- For all worldly desires & problems, this surah should be recited

Email: wuvistudio@gmail.com

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