Surah Qaf (سورة ق) Colorful Tajweed Coded APK

Surat Qaf is the 50th surah of the Holy Qur'an with 45 ayat.

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Surat Qaf (Arabic: سورة ق‎, "The Letter Qāf") is the 50th sura of the Qur'an with 45 ayat. The sura that opens with the single discrete Arabic letter QĀF.

The name of the sura is taken from the letter Qaf at the beginning of the first verse. Where Qaf is the 21st letter of the Arabic alphabet.

Surah (chapter) "Qaf" deals predominantly with the Resurrection and the Day of Judgement. Both concepts are amongst the hardest for disbelievers (both, from older times to modernity) to wrap their heads and hearts around. This Surah (chapter) delivers piercing arguments and vivid scenes of the Day of Judgement to shake off that crucial mistake the disbelievers make. Reference is made to previous generations of disbelievers as warnings, to the disbelievers in Makkah and as well as to all humanity to come till the end of times. The dead earth coming to life after rain is cited as a methodology of how God will bring the dead to life again. Emphasis is placed on the powerlessness of man on the Day of Judgement The surah both opens and closes with mention of the honor and key role of Quran. This chapter is thematically linked with the previous one because the previous chapter teaches the etiquette among Muslims, and this one teaches the proper behaviors for non-believers. It is thematically linked with the next chapter through increasing reference to the Hereafter; the primary subject of the next chapter.

The Holy Prophet (S) has said that whoever recites this Surah frequently will not suffer at the time of death. Reciting Surah Qaf in salaat (Salah / Salaah / Salat / Namaz / Solat) increases one’s sustenance and makes the accounting of the Day of Judgement easy.
Writing and drinking water in which this Surah has been dissolved cures one of many acute diseases. Verse 23 of this Surah is especially good for the cure of eye ailments. One can recite this verse and blow into some water and then drink it, and by the will of Allah (S.w.T.) any problem with eyes will be cured.
Reward of reciting Surah Qaf
1. The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s.) said: For one who recites it, Allah lightens for him the pains of death.
2. Imam al-Baqir (a.s.) said: Whoever has been reciting Surah Qaf in his obligatory and supererogatory prayers Allah would grant
addition and increase in his livelihood, his record of Deeds would be in his right hand and (on the Day of Judgment) his accounting would
be in an easy and peaceful way.
AL QAF (50)
i) Whoever recites this surah in obligatory and
supererogatory salats, Allah would add and multiply his means of livelihood, would give his record of deeds in his right hand on the day of reckoning; and would leniently examine him. It is also said that at the time of death he would have a smooth sailing.
ii) If this surah is written on paper and put around the neck of a man who is suffering from epilepsy, he would be fully cured.
iii) If this surah is written on a china plate and
washed with clean water and given to a mother
having little milk in her breasts, would have enough milk to feed her child. In some traditions it is written that she should drink the water directly from the plate or utensil.

Surah Qaf: berisi Surah Qaf terbaik dan terlengkap. Aplikasi ini memang dibuat untuk membantu dan mempermudah para pecinta Surah Qaf agar bisa anda putar dimana saja sesuka anda tanpa takut kehabisan kuota karena aplikasi ini bisa dijalankan secara offline.

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