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UpdatedDec 05, 2014 (6 years ago)
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OGQ's "Backgrounds HD" reaching over 50M+ Downloads in Google Play, and as a next step, OGQ proudly presents new service! Are you ready to be "Surpriced"?

Surprice? Isn't it just a SNS? What's the difference?

✔ Did you realize that Surprice is a compound word of 'surprise' and 'price' ?
✔ Putting the price tags on the image, that's the biggest difference.

Surprice! It's for YOU!

✔ It's true that you can easily find pictures of Hollywood stars and their clothing in Pinterest. But didn't you wonder about the price?
✔ Are you looking for fine restaurants to go with your lovers? Wait, you have to check the price.
✔ Isn't it too short only to record "How much did I spend?" using Evernote, while you were traveling abroad?
✔ Are you wondering about the price of fancy items, that your friend bought directly from the store half around the world?

Surprice! Join us and be a part of making Price Wikipedia!

✔ All the photos that are uploaded at Surprice includes at least one price tag.
✔ You can move the price tags that you attached and also change the colors of it to make it look good.
✔ VSCO? It's Surprice time! Use free camera filters, picture cropping & rotating functions to decorate your photos.
✔ Prices from all over the world will be automatically exchanged to your local currency. You can also check the original currency by touching the tags.
✔ You can share the photos of Surprice to other SNS(such as Instagram). Your photos with simple, fancy looking tags will absolutely draw an attention from others.

We are looking for contributor of translating Surprice to other languages.

✔ With experience of running "Background HD" in 200 or more countries, we know how much the awkward translations would disturb the users.
✔ That's why we want to ask you a favor of translating, as you are the lover of our service. Not only OGQ but also the users using your language will appreciate you.
✔ If you are interested, please contact us : support+translate@surprice.me.

Other inquiries, questions.

✔ Contact us : support+and@surprice.me

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What's New

Added a two-column interface.
Some bugs fixed.
Performance improved.
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