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Survival Craft : Survivor House Building


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Feb 20, 2019

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Survival Craft : Survivor House Building Game

While on a flight over a large forest unlucky for you your aircraft crashes
You wake up lucky to survive the plane crash.

Your goal now is to find water and food and build a house to make it through
the night.

Survive and craft on Survival Craft Builder island!
Explore and find crafting items on land or in the sea!
Gather Resources chop trees and build a secure base!
Use your hunting skills to hunt animals for food and cloth.
Use inventory to craft many items.

Have companion pets to protect you against other animals
pets include Goat, Chicken, Pig, and Sheep

Survivor House Building: Game Features.

- Build your own home
- Pets Simulator
- Survive Simulator
- Craft animal fish traps be a trapper
- Craft hundreds of items weapons
- Explore large forest, island, ocean
- Hunt in the wilderness
- Set animal Traps
- Mine resources
- Build many shelters Bases houses
- Explore Massive island and ocean swim underwater find loot
- Find hidden camps, underground caves
- 4 Season Weather /Sun, Rain, Snow, Wind
- Day / Night Cycle
- Changing weather that affects player health
- Save and load System
- Inventory and Storage System
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