Survival Dog Apocalypse Simulator

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Survival Dog Apocalypse Simulator
Be in the post-apocalyptic gloomy world, where mankind has become a bloodthirsty zombie.
As a result of out-of-control experiments on the creation of chemical weapons, people faced a terrible epidemic.
The disease turned man into a soulless animal whose main goal was to destroy all life.
On the background of a comprehensive chaos in one of the houses of a large city, hiding from the monsters that pursued her, the dog found shelter.
It is with her eyes and see the player the world that is ruled by instincts.

Hiddenly move around the ruined metropolis, looking for food.
Watch your level of health and stamina.
Fight off the vile zombies, not giving yourself a bite.
Earn experience points and discover new four-legged game characters that have increased immunity.
Do not let the end of the world break you down and maybe you'll be able to find an antidote.

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Survival Dog Apocalypse Simulator 1.0

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1.0 (1) 2018-10-25