Assemble survivors to build up your team.


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Oct 24, 2020
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Survivors War-SEA GAME

The city once was peaceful, lively, and full of hopes and dreams. But now it is in ruins, corpses cover the plain, the only goal of all humans is to live on.
Assemble survivors to build up your team. Your enemies include not only the zombies but also the other evil forces, cheer up yourself, and live on in this age of doom.

【Game Features】

--- Recruitments & Campaigns
Recruit your unique survivors to explore unknown areas, capture strongholds, search useful resources and earn the rewards.

--- Assemble & Explore
Assemble your team. Explore the city, defeat powerful zombies, rebuild your homeland.

--- Idle & Rewards
Let your survivors fight for you when you log off. Reap the rewards when you log on. Allocate the rewards to your survivors to enhance their unique abilities.

--- Strategize & Combinations
Survivors come from different factions. Different combinations bring different buffs. Use your strategies to make different combinations to dominate the battlefield.

--- Uncover the plot of Project HB
It's called scientific research, but it's actually a conspiracy. Survey Project HB deeply, crack the conspiracy to find out the wirepuller. Enhance your survivors by the result of researches.

--- Bond in blood & Share experience
Don't worry about the lack of resources, bond in blood can help you let your new survivor catch up with the high-level ones.
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