Svadhisthana Sacral Chakra APK

Kundalini yoga, Tibetan singing bowl and solfeggio Svadhishthana meditation.

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Three kind of meditation by music and visualisation for the Svadhishthana chakra:

* Kundalini Yoga meditation
* Tibetan singing Bowl meditation
* Solfeggio frequency 417 Hz
* Orange color visualisation therapy (chromotherapy)

Stimulate your Svadhishthana chakra energy by this tunes of your choice.

Svadhishthana , or sacral chakra, is the second primary chakra according to Hindu Tantrism.

The six petals represent the following modes of consciousness, also known as vrittis: affection, pitilessness, feeling of all-destructiveness, delusion, disdain and suspicion.

Svadhishthana is associated with the unconscious and with emotion. It is closely related to the Muladhara in that Muladhara is where the different samskaras (potential Karmas) lie dormant, and Svadhisthana is where these Samskaras find expression. It is associated with the element of water, the sense of taste and the act of procreation.

Svadhishthana contains unconscious desires, especially sexual desire. It is said that to raise the kundalini shakti (energy of consciousness) above Svadhishthana is difficult . Many saints have had to face sexual temptations associated with this chakra.

One who meditates on Svadhishthana is believed to obtain the following siddhis or occult powers: freedom from enemies, the status of a lord among yogis, eloquence and clarity ("words flowing like nectar in well-reasoned discourse"), loss of fear of water, awareness of astral entities and the ability to taste anything desired for oneself or others.

Svadhishthana is located above the Muladhara or root chakra which is located in the coccyx (tailbone), two finger-widths above the Muladhara chakra. Its corresponding point in the front of the body is barely below the belly button.
It is connected with the sense of taste, (the tongue) and with reproduction (the genitals).

It is often associated with the testes and ovaries. They produce the hormones testosterone or estrogen, which influence sexual behaviors. They are stored in areas where genetic information lies dormant, in the same way that samskaras lie dormant within Svadhishthana.

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