Swalath Counter - Tasbeeh, Swalaath, Dikr Counter! APK

Swalath Counter - Count Swalaath, Tasbeeh, Adkar, Durood, Thasbeeh, Dikr

Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedJul 15, 2017 (3 years ago)
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Swalath Counter
Swalath Counter can be used for counting dikr, durood, etc. You can create multiple counters for organizing different adkar and durood.

Select Counter

There are few counters available by default for counting common adkar and duroods.
Swipe right to select next counter.
Swipe left to select previous counter.

How to Count

There are two ways to count.
1) Use Volume Up button
2) Tap on the on screen.

Count Down

Use Volume Down button to count down.

Create New Counter

Select Create option from top right menu.

Edit Counter

Select Edit option from top right menu.

Delete Counter

Select Edit option from top right menu. Select Delete button at the bottom.

Reset Count to 0
Select Reset option from top right menu. It will reset active counter value to 0.

Reset App!

Select Reset App! option from top right menu. It will delete all counters and re-create default counters with all count set to 0.
Note:Use this option very carefully because there is no way to get your old counters and values.

Feedback & Issues

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Special Request

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