Swank Scout Helps you scout profitable flips and leave the flops behind.

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Somewhere in the world at this very moment, there are Ebay Resellers scouting items to flip them for resale.
They are working Garage / Yard Sales, Flea Markets, Thrift Stores, and Estate Auctions looking for investments that will yield solid returns.

Among them will be other savvy Resellers that are quick to snatch up great finds that also have their smartphones in hand.

In that small window of time, you as the reseller have to examine each item and prove it’s worth.
You research:
• It’s Most Recently Sold Price
• It’s Estimated Average Sold Price
• How often the item sells
• Where the Customer Demand Market is Trending on that item (up or down in general price)
• Potential Profit Margin after Ebay Fees & Shipping (noting weight).
Doing this much work for every item can be stressful and draining. Other resellers in your midst are snatching up better flips because you were too busy with your arithmetic to snag those bargains.

However, skipping item research to save time is gambling with your ebay revenue which leads to slow, unsteady sales...

So how exactly do you find good flips with high profits and fast turnover without spending a ton of time on research?
Swank is smartphone app that balances ebay profit margins and easy to understand listing information.

Swank is vital gear that can calculate many of the common reselling factors that determine great flips. Each item is graded by the app on a scale of 0-100.

Instead of doing the math yourself, just type in what you want to buy and Swank will quickly rank the item showing:
• A Swank Score (From 0-100)
• Average Price
• Turnover Rate (An estimate of how much time it takes to sell this item on average)
• Simple Sold Listing Data.
Swank not only frees up your time spent sourcing, but also can change how you buy.
Now that your potential flips can be Swank Ranked, you can increase your sales by just choosing higher ranking items to look for.

Stop Rolling the Dice with Your eBay Inventory.
Let Swank take your ebay sourcing & profits to the next level.

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