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Swans live wallpaper

Version1.12 (12)
UpdatedMay 23, 2020 (3 months ago)
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NEW RELEASE Swans live wallpaper - the necessary changes for user reviews have been modified. Elimination causes of malfunctions. Bug fixes. In the Swans live wallpaper application, is a collection of topical backgrounds wich have been improved, new sounds and effects have been added.
Swans are beautiful proud birds. The swan's love is forever, the swan's loyalty is a beautiful legend of love. A pair of swans slides along the blue water among the snow-white lilies. His beloved swan will never be confused with another. Their touching devotion knows no bounds, and it is unlikely that somewhere in nature you can see such a clean and bright relationship.
Swans live wallpaper - one of the best personalization theme. The Swans live wallpaper app is great for your new device screen! The application Swans live wallpaper has a number of advantages - compatibility with almost all devices, does not need for permanent Internet connection, economical battery consumption, simple user interface settings.
Swans live wallpaper - nice and simple live wallpaper with a select graphics, beautiful effects and believable animation. Live wallpaper. Is free. Personalization.
A simple and elegant solution for animated wallpapers Swans live wallpaper. Pictures of App Swans live wallpaper will help you deal with the application configuration capabilities.
Quick input in the setup by double-tapping the screen. The user can disable a quick call to the relevant section of the settings menu.
Live wallpaper contain an audio component - the sound is played back at a touch for display center. The sound module can also be disabled.
Animated images are involved in the overall scenario Swans live wallpaper. Animation effects and animation settings, you can change the settings in the corresponding section.
The application Swans live wallpaper has the ability to connect - disable the interactive effect of water droplets on the glass. Drops of water or dew flow down the phone's glass. When you touch your finger, the drops realistically fly apart.
In the application there is an on / off module on the front layer.

Application Swans live wallpaper supports all major manufacturers of well-known models of tablets and phones. Keep an eye for the release of new updated versions for the application.
If there are any problems in the application, please contact us by Email to the developer. Animated wallpapers contain advertising.
1. Interactive Wallpaper Swans live wallpaper - download.
2. Paragraph general menu icon = - Swans live wallpaper = - press Start.
3. After downloading the app opens in a new window to preview. - Run the application on the main screen.

Email: elenaelena120120@gmail.com

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