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Hello Friends ! We are here to introduce you a Swine flu Prevention Pig Game

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Hello Friends !!! We are here to introduce you a Swine flu Prevention Pig Game….

Swine flu Prevention Pig Game! is a game that help you to handle disease like swine flu in a funny way…

Here we are provided little bit information about swine flu and how to prevent disease like swine flu.

In Introduction - we provided information about What is Swine flue? How it is spread out? How to prevent disease like swine flu? And Symptoms of Swine flu?

And then, To overcome these type of disease which are things we have to reduce from our daily routine in a funny gaming way.

Here we started with Pig Game:

In this, there are many interesting games that makes your mood refreshing.

Pig ninja - is a game where you have to cut the infected pigs and complete a goal in a limited time and get coins for that and collect it.

Medical kit Spinner - is a spinner game like a you ever seen, Here you can collect many medical things like Medicines, Heart Beat, Medical kit, Ambulance, etc.

Cannon Pig Hit - Hare you have to hit Infected pigs as well as germs that spreads disease and finish goal within limited time and get rewarded for that.

Pig Hide N Seek - Lets find Infected Pig from the hidden place behind trees and be ware about that can not hit normal pigs, And do this task within time to get reward coins.

Pigs Bath Time - After finding Pig Lets take a tour to get them bath, wash infected pig and its from away.

Refreshment - After doing all these funny things lets do preventing activity. So for that we should do hand washing with soap and mineral water and kill germs from hands so that hand get nit and clean.

Healthy Juice Making - After All this, A main thing to prevent swine flu we have to made a natural remedies juice and drink even you are infected or not. Because it is made from natural remedies so can not infects to other.

Here we are tying to make a smile on a face of every one…..
Enjoy Playing…..

Hope you enjoyed playing our free pig game and if you want more features for this game please leave a comment.

Email: aagames.aakg@gmail.com

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