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UpdatedNov 03, 2020 (4 months ago)
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SWIPI has flipped the rules of online dating upside down.
Be the first to discover SWIPI: the revolutionary and FREE online dating platform!


For the first time, there is a free online dating service that allows you to introduce yourself to others through stories!
To do so, it is really quite simple! Upload existing photos (or take new ones), add captions, emojis, masks and even hashtags then post your story.
A new, fun and upside-down way to discover one another! The love of your life might just be waiting for you on SWIPI! ;)

The stories’ photos are visible by all members of SWIPI. It is up to you to like your favorite stories and to discover the profiles of members you would like to meet.

So everyone on your marks; get set; story time!


On the free application, SWIPI, it is all “girl power” and the ladies who dare to take the first step! Want to make new friends and/or lovers? Your profile is private; it is you, Ladies, who have the reins and decide with whom you wish to be in contact. That means that no man will be able to directly send you an invitation.

Whether it is in the rubric “recommendations” where we propose people corresponding to your criteria or via stories, discover all SWIPI members and choose the lucky ones you wish to meet.


Gentlemen, want to meet new people or on a quest for true love? Very well then but it is up to you to seduce the ladies! Get ready and present yourself in a fun and original way through your profile and your stories! ;-)

In order to have as much luck as possible on your side, our tips and advice are here to guide you. Our fun, light-hearted quiz will also help you in completing your profile. Add some additional photos as a final touch and you will have all the cards in your hand needed to tip the scales in your favor ;-)

And do not forget! Be yourself…


Nice! You passed the first and crucial step! You are now in touch.
Now you have unlimited access to instant messaging and photos of your new encounter! What better way to meet new friends or lovers?

But the most difficult step remains: go for it and take the first step. Lacking inspiration to strike up a conversation? We have already thought about you! With funny and unexpected questions, the "Quiz Breaker" allows you to effortlessly break the ice and discover the things you have in common!

After the ice has been broken, the rest is up to you ;-)

The boosts from the free app

SWIPI is an entirely FREE dating app for women…AND for men! On the otherhand, Gentlemen, as you know, it is the ladies who are holding onto the playing cards.
But on the social media platform, SWIPI, in the event of a “love-at-first-site” encounter, we can give you a hand by allowing one direct experience (choose wisely).

A profile has caught your eye but you do not have the power? The boosts will be there to push your profile ahead of all the others. That way, you will be certain to be presented to the person of interest and this person will undoubtedly see your profile! Mais do not forget, the power is then still in the hands of the lady ;-)

The boost is a premium, optional feature with no subscription required.
3, 2, 1 Boost!

What's New

Profile view optimization
Minor bugfixes
New profile proposition view
New menu organisation

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