Switch access for physically disabled users to control their Android device.

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What does this do?
Switchboard is for Android users with a physical disability, motor impairment or limited dexterity that makes it difficult for them to use a touchscreen. As long as they have the ability to physically operate a switch – almost any USB or Bluetooth device with some kind of button on it will do – then they can use it to completely control their device, including browsing the web and sending messages. Switchboard is simpler and faster to use than the built in Android switch accessibility functions, and is particularly good for entering text. It is also completely free and open source!

It can be used with a single switch (auto-scan), two switches (manual scan) or even more (extra switches can be configured to back, home, scroll up and scroll down).

What are the limitations?
Android doesn’t currently allow accessibility services to click on everything.
•  Most native apps work fine, but some may have features that can’t be accessed.
•  Switchboard enables users to tap and scroll with a switch, but not currently to swipe.
•  Devices are all a bit different, so in case of glitches please leave feedback and we'll try to make sure it works on yours.

What’s different compared to the built in accessibility services in Android?
The standard Android switch access is functional, but can be a bit clumsy—especially for typing in text. In fact, this app began life as a personal project for a family member for whom the built-in accessibility functions weren't quite good enough. This app uses fewer clicks to get things done, and an optimized keyboard designed specifically for switch access speeds up text entry considerably.

What hardware is needed to use it?
You can test this out with no special hardware at all, e.g. using the volume control buttons on the device; anything which Android recognises as having a key that can be pressed will usually work. For best results, use a switch which is comfortable for you. Air Switch has been tested with several USB and Bluetooth switches, buttons, keyboards and foot pedals; even the clicker on a set of earphones can often be recognised by the app and used as a switch for complete device control.

This app does not store any personal information, and does not upload or download any data. There are no ads.

Switchboard is under active development, so check back for updates. Please also leave feedback about any features you’d like to have, and we’ll look into adding them.

What's New

- Now with support for multiple switches.
- More intuitive scanning of the screen; easier to click on things.
- Usability and bug fixes.
- Extra configuration options, including the option to let some apps handle the switch presses directly.

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Switchboard: Assistive Disabled Switch Access 1.6

Updated: 2018-08-31 (1 year ago)

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