This is a fantasy journey full of magic, adventure and elves.


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Mar 19, 2024
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Sword of Destiny GAME

"A lot of benefits, easy to get"
You will get Little Nobles 7 as soon as you go online, so you can enjoy super VIP service without spending a penny! There are also many generous benefits waiting for you to receive them.

"Speed racing competition, hand speed competition"
Unique mecha racing, when you get tired on the adventure, you might as well come and compete with your friends. The time has come to test your reaction ability. you! Do you dare to challenge!

"Put it on AFK and play easily"
Complete tasks, fight bosses, and clear dungeons all automatically with one click, freeing your hands and allowing you to work and relax at the same time.

"Trade freely, do whatever you want"
All equipment depends on playing, and the highly free trading system not only allows you to buy the equipment you like, but also earns a lot of diamonds, allowing you to play the game happily without spending a penny.

"Mecha transformation, exclusive skills"
Super cool transformation into a mecha, your combat power will increase instantly, and your unique skills will kill the whole screen instantly! Mecha trials, obtain a large amount of mecha upgrade materials, and make your mecha go further!

"Diamond Arena, Showing Power"
Heaven and earth compete for hegemony, the winner is king! On the journey of adventure, there will be friends, enemies, and more importantly, an identity! Dominate the diamond arena and get massive diamond rewards!

"High degree of freedom, thrill of battle"
The game's unique real-time, lock-free combat allows you to move around in a coquettish way and enjoy the thrill of combat with fingertip micro-manipulation. Say goodbye to mindless standing around, and the combat has unlimited possibilities. A variety of skills can be freely selected to be released into battle, and the gorgeous releases are seamlessly connected. Together with the profession-specific full-screen ultimate moves, you can wipe out mobs easily and happily, allowing you to feel the thrill of combat like mowing grass.

"The summons from another world is waiting for you to fight."
The cool combat system in the game creates a variety of combat forms; the pet system brings cute and heart-warming pets that can be cute and fightable; and the ever-changing fashions allow you to experience gorgeous visual effects. The call from another world is waiting for you to sign a contract for adventure together. The reincarnation of life and death will last forever.

"Innovative gameplay, ultimate experience"
As a brand new next-generation Q version of the magical mobile game, the new boss gameplay system and the copy trial system are freely matched, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of fierce battles, full-screen special effects and unlimited kills, bringing a shocking visual enjoyment! Thousands of holy-level equipment can be freely matched , create super magic power!

"Enriching social interaction and relaxed adventure"
Passionate guild banquet parties, leagues, friend groups to compete, chat, and rank up, unlimited treasure hunting in the abyss, leader mystery exploration, confrontation between light and dark camps, cross-server gang battles, peak competitive showdowns, pet adventures, and more Rich dungeon gameplay, easy to operate and quick to get started, allowing you to keep fighting all day long! Make your adventure full of fun!

"Sword of Destiny" is a very large-scale cartoon fantasy role-playing hero battle MMORPG mobile game with the theme of medieval swords and magic. Exquisite game graphics, rich gameplay experience, and personalized character development system allow you to experience a different magical adventure. Hurry up and gather your friends to start a magical adventure together!
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