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Jan 30, 2024
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"The fun of collecting, the taste of being called Syrup" - Experience the point tech that you collect, call, and treasure in Syrup now.

▶ Have fun collecting points every day!
-From 'attendance check' that can be collected steadily to 'game play' that is played while playing! Start right now to see how many points you can collect with your sincerity and luck (?).

▶ Start with points, an investment that is returned to you
- You can buy stocks, gold, luxury goods, and coins from 1,000 won with the points you collect. Redeposit points when purchasing through Syrup. Experience the excitement of growing assets and investments.

▶ Save with membership, coupons, and discounts.
-You can find all of Syrup's membership, coupons, and discounts in the Savings menu. You can also access membership directly by pressing the barcode icon at the top right of any menu.

▶ Collect and manage the called history in one place.
-You can check the points collected from Syrup and the assets invested with the points at a glance.
-You can connect your bank/card/stock/insurance information to My Data and easily manage it with the asset widget.

[Required access rights]
• Phone: User Authentication
• SMS: text-based payment history management

[Optional access rights]
• Notifications: Receive notifications of membership/financial information and recommended benefits
• Location: Search nearby benefits
• Photo: Membership card registration and 1:1 inquiry
• Camera: Membership card direct registration, 1:1 inquiry, AR-based event, receipt coupon scanning
• Physical activity: Search location information only during physical activity to improve location information accuracy
• Display on top of other apps: Notifications for coupons that are about to expire
• Nearby devices: Identification and history management of nearby/visited stores

※ We do not acquire authority that is not permitted, and you can use other services other than the function even if you do not allow it.
※ When location access is always allowed, location data is collected/used even when the app is closed or not in use to provide nearby information, coupons, benefits, and advertisements.

※ If you are using Android version 6.0 or lower, you must agree to all optional access rights to use the app. If you want to selectively agree to the authority, please upgrade after checking if the terminal device manufacturer provides an operating system upgrade function.

● If you are curious about Syrup?
· Website:
· Inquiries:
· Partnership inquiries:
※ When making an inquiry, please leave your mobile phone number and the details of the error.
※ If the installation/upgrade is not completed, please try again after deleting the application or initializing data (Preferences>Manage applications).
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