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Restaurant Reservation Management & Table Planner (by DreamDiner.io)

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UpdatedAug 21, 2020 (5 months ago)
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** New Feature Released! Send client confirmations by WhatsApp or by SMS **

DreamDiners' Table Planner is a collaboration tool that organizes and optimizes your restaurant table reservations.
Developed by Restaurateurs – for Restaurateurs!
With a smart algorithm in the cloud, and in one glance, the Planner will show you all reservations, on which tables, on which hour, and if any table is free...
The Table Planner is a cross-platform multi-device system running in the cloud that will robust your restaurant reservations control.

Get started:
- By setting your tables and activity hours
- By changing your business name and logo
- By adding your Hosts (Optional, if you need your staff to share the main reservation board)
- By setting your language
- By editing your personal SMS & WhatsApp message for clients confirmations
Learn more here: http://dreamdiner.io/table-planner/#get_started

Main Features:
- Easy & Simple UI
Designed as a simple Spreadsheet – clear and simple – no need to be a tech expert.

- No subscriptions, no commitments, no extra charges (NEW)
Pay as you go! Based on Credits which can be purchased with Google Play In-App-Purchase. Each Reservation + SMS = 1 Credit.

- Send Client Confirmation by SMS or WhatsApp (NEW)
Edit your own message and Business name sender as well

- Customize your own: Tables & Activity hours
Open as many tables as needed, change the Main Board working hours

- Share & Synchronize between Devices
Multiple users can share the data and update the main board in parallel

- Real-time synchronization
Any new reservation will immediately be updated on all your users' main boards

- Multi-platform
App available for Android and iOS devices (including Tablets & iPads)

- History + CSV file
View all your reservations or download a friendly CSV file

- Upcoming reservations
Set reservations for days ahead

- Staff Plan
Column summaries will show total expected guests per each hour, and each table

- Current Time Indicator (NEW)
Lights the relevant time column on Main Board to focus on current reservations

- "One-Tap Reservation"
Tap any cell on Main Board to instantly open a new reservation for this table and time

Learn more here: http://dreamdiner.io/table-planner/#features

Enjoy using the Table Planner!
The DreamDiner Team

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What's New

Version 32: Added an icon on order palette when a confirmation WhatsApp is sent; Added to WhatsApp message the reservation details automatically (# of Persons, Date, Hour)

Email: info@dreamdiner.io

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