Intuitive cloud base interface tablet point of system platform

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Intuitive cloud base interface tablet point of system platform. Suitable for retail , F&B and service trades.

Features includes:

Friendly easy to use interface
Products image tiles, big and easy to tap buttons.
3 steps checkout process

Discount & coupons
Give your users discounts easily; choose to give percentage discount. You can also apply coupon codes directly.

You can have as many registers as you want. You assign a user to an outlet then a Register to an Outlet. If a user is already logged in, a message is displayed. If register is already open, you click ‘Enter’.

Selecting ‘Cash’ will load the keypad with suggested amounts, making the process easier for both you and the customer. Change is calculated automatically when the amount is keyed in.

Retrieve sales
Save orders and return to them at a later stage. Simply click the ‘Save’ icon and then when you are ready to resume the sale, click on ‘load’ at the top and a list of saved orders will load.

Receipt templates
Configure the receipts exactly how you want using our easy to use editor. Choose what items to print what label text should be and add items such as barcode of the order or logo of the company at the top of the receipt.

Closing reports
When opening a register, the time is logged and during this time all sales are recorded as well as the type of sale i.e. cash or card. After closing the register, the report is shown indicating these values.

You can generate reports by month or custom date range. Here you can find / export reports on the value / number of sales by register, outlet and cashier.

Hardware add-ons
- Sony Xperia Android tablet 10.1”
- Wireless barcode scanner
- Wireless 80mm receipt printer
- Cashier drawer

What's New

- Update of reporting module.
- Reprinting of receipt feature.

Latest Version

Tablet point of sales system 1.4.3

Updated: 2017-09-24 (2 years ago)

1.4.3 (20) 2017-09-26
1.4.2 (19) 2017-08-20
1.4.0 (17) 2017-08-06
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