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TabletAED trainer LIFEPAK CR+

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Discover the new way of training BLS&AED with digital AED trainers on your tablet. With your smartphone as remote control you can simply operate every TabletAED trainer. A professional low cost solution for every instructor.

Install TabletAED for free and try the unlimited LIFEPAK CR plus AED trainer on your tablet. Do you prefer remote control, please also install the free TabletAED remote app on your smartphone.

Quick start with BLUETOOTH remote control:
Before you start, turn Bluetooth on and make it visible on both devices.
1. Install the TabletAED trainer app on your tablet.
2. Install the TabletAED remote app on your smartphone.
3. Start the TabletAED trainer.
4. Select a language, the AED trainer will start.
6. Start the TabletAED remote app.
7. Press the ‘Connection’ button and select ‘Bluetooth’ and select your located tablet (including the TabletAED trainer app). Accept connection. After a few seconds connection will be established.
8. Operate your TabletAED trainer like you are used to. With the TabletAED remote app you simply give commands to the TabletAED trainer app and simulate a training scenario.

Email: support@tabletaed.com

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