Companion App for board, cards or roleplaying games.

Ever needed to flip a coin, throw some multi-faced dices or take notes of a game you're playing but forgot to bring those items? No? You must have a giant bag full of stuff with you all the time then…

Now there's a solution for that! Tabletop Assistant was designed to be the one-app-for-all of all tabletop games you can think of.

-Want to spin a bottle but don't have any around?
-Need to randomly choose a number between any range?
-Want to choose heads or tails but forgot your wallet at home?
-Are about to start a D&D campaign but forgot your dice set?
-Need to pause that chess match for tonight and want to take a photo of the board?
-Want to take notes on something that might be handy further down that dungeon?
-Are itching to use your Mono Red deck but forgot your life counter at home?
-Really could use a soundtrack for your trip to the haunted forest with your party?

If you answered "yes" to any of these, then this app can be of use to you. With it, you'll never have to bring paper, coins, dice, or have multiple apps running on your phone for your gaming session ever again.

More modules coming soon.
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What's New

Android phone version released.
Contains the following modules:
-Spin the Bottle
-Random Number Generator
-Coin Flipper
-Roleplay Dice
-Notepad Block
-Life Counter
-Savegame Camera
-Pocket Bard
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Latest Version

Version0.8 (1)
Updated2019-06-25 (5 months ago)
Installs 1+
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