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An application that list and explain almost aspects of Taekwondo Martial Art with pictures and videos.
The app is an extension version of two Mapbile apps: Taekwondo WTF and Taekwondo ITF with more items, pictures and videos.
The best reference for Taekwondo students and teachers or anyone love the famous Korean Martial Arts.
This is online app, the app need Internet connection for download information from server.

* Full Taekwondo techniques, including:

Main techniques:
- Seogi: 27 Stance techniques.
- Jireugi: 18 Punch techniques.
- Makgi: 17 Block techniques.
- Chagi: 29 Kick techniques.
- Chigi: 13 Strike techniques.

Extension techniques:
- Jjireugi: Thrusting
- Milgi: Pushing
- Ditgi: Stepping
- Ttwigi: Jumping
- Pihagi: Evading
- Junbi: Ready posture
- Hosinsul: Self defense
- Kyokpa: Breaking

* Form or Pattern:
- 30 Poomsae of Taekwondo WTF
- 25 Tul of Taekwondo ITF

* Sparring:
- Pre-arrange sparring
- Free sparring
- Sparring rule of WTF and ITF

* Terminology
Look up Taekwondo words in Korean and English.

* Search tool:
Easily find out technique with Korean name or English name.

* Favorite tool:
Save the most favorite techniques will help to review quickly.

* Quiz tool:
Question set help to remember techniques firmly.

* Taekwondo photo gallery:
Beautiful photos for phone screen wallpaper.

* Other information:
- History of Taekwondo.
- Grand master.
- 5 Taekwondo tenet.
- How to greet in Taekwondo.
- How to tie belt.
- How to warm up and Stretch.
- Belt color and ranking systems.
- Schema of Vital spots on human body
- Lots of reference videos

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