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Tafseer Ibn Kaseer or Tafseer Ibn Kathir

Tafseer Ibn Kathir is considered to be a summary of the earlier tafsir by al-Tabari, Tafsir al-Tabari. It is especially popular because it uses the hadith to explain each verse and chapter of the Qur'an. It has been translated into many languages including English,Bengali, and Urdu. Moulana Muhammad Junagarhi (1890-1941) from Junagarh, India translated it into Urdu language in 1930.

Imam Ibn Kaseer (Hafiz Imaduddin Abulfida) was born on 701 Hijri Year in Basra city of Syria and died in 774 Hijri Year in Damascus, Syria. His name is on top of the list of those Muslim Scholars who served Quran via life-time scholarly efforts. His "Tafseer Ibne Kaseer" stands out amongst all other explanations or tafseers of Quran as does Sahih Bokhari from all other books of Hadith.

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