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Be the part of fun simulator and enjoy the new crane game.

We welcome to the lover of loader and dumper truck games! Build your own beautiful house for your love. Playing the construction city games 2017 you can take over the control of different construction machines which are true to the originals in high-quality 3D graphics. This amazing heavy dump truck simulation game is about real hard work and tough jobs. You are a construction worker in crane fun who has to drive the epic construction vehicles to make sure that your assigned duty will be finished within the given times. Drive to the right spot with your loader and pick up the mess on the marked spot. You have to drive both your loader and your dump truck in this city builder sim. This crane operators game is all about having skills in driving a harbor crane and dumper truck. You can use the vehicles to pick up the cargo and carefully drop them in the appropriate positions. Doing so fastest and most efficiently is rewarded with a higher amount of points in loader and dumper truck games.

The story of these roadworks revolves around the building of Taj Mahal. You have to build for your love. So you’re hardworking and love will be considered two important traits in new construction simulator games. Being the player of this metropole city you have to build a Taj Mahal. All processes of constructing are dividing into different levels. Being the part of city builder games you have to clear the marked area as there are different objects in the shape of trees and stones. You have to drive the bulldozer to dump all these objects in new construction simulator games. By taking the help from the concrete mixer you have to fill out the holes with the help of mixer in architecture simulator. We assure you that you will enjoy each and every step because this is the blocky environment city construction games 2017.In builders game you move towards the next step of it. The area is not flat, very small piles of sand spread all over the marked area. Drive the roller and flat the marked area. The important aspect of this new game 2017 is that you have to furnish your Taj Mahal. You have to take the tiles with the help of fork lifter. You will enjoy the loader and dumper truck games feelings here.

Taj Mahal Construction Sim Features:
★Intuitive controls for smooth fun of dumper truck
★Immersive 3D graphics and amazing sounds of loader games
★Real city construction site environment
★Real harbor crane physics
★Intuitive Gameplay of Builders game
★Tablet Support
★Super Duper Realistic Sounds

Download Taj Mahal Construction Sim for endless crane operating and adventures heavy dump truck driving. It is more interesting and more colorful. Easy game operation will enable you to calmly face the challenges and complete levels of new construction simulator games. Everything will show you a perfect mega gamer of these roadworks.
Download this app created by Sablo Games and have crane fun.

We hope you will enjoy our new crane game and do not forget to rate us on Google Play!
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