Tajwid Catch APK

Free ads tajwid game that cover the rules of Noon Sakin and Tanween.

Version1.3 (7)
UpdatedJan 05, 2018 (3 years ago)
DeveloperMuhammad Zakwan
CategoryGames, Educational


Tajwid Catch is designed to help player to remember the correct letters for each type of tajwid. This tajwid game is free and will cover the rules of Noon Sakin and Tanween. It also do not have any ads.

For now it only let users to play with the letters. Player can use the 'Left' and ' Right' button to move the character. There are two game modes.


In this mode, there is not time limit. Player can play as long as they want. The letters will fall from above screen with random speed. If user want to stop playing, just click 'Stop' button.


In this mode, there will be 35 different levels. At each level, the letter speed will gradually increasing. Its speed also will be increased by 1 at each level. If player want to pause the game, just click the light blue background.

Next, player need to get at least 1 point to continue to the next level. If the point is below 1, player have 2 options whether to play again for that level or quit the game.


After each game, the result will be auto saved. If you want to view the result, just click the 'Result' button, from the main menu. This result will show 6 different of datas that can be analyzed for teaching or learning improvement.


Tajwid Catch allow player to choose 4 different characters. Just click the 'Player' button. Yet, please remmember to choose only 1 character. If you choose more than 1, default character will be used.


This app also let player to learn about the letters of the tajwid first. Just click the 'Learn' button, then follow the next steps provided. Now, there is sound for each letter. So, you can learn how to pronoun the letter correctly.


We have add this new feature to help users to evaluate their choices carefully.


Zmd94 Studio would love to thank the author of below video:


This app is fully designed by using App Inventor 2. We hope that you will enjoy this game. If you have any suggestions, please let we know.

What's New

v1.3 (5 January 2018)
- Add "Review" feature.

Email: my9m@pm.me

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