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Man’s best friend is now ready to befriend you, so download this game now

Version1.8 (8)
UpdatedApr 10, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperBluebody Soft
CategoryGames, Casual

Have you been craving for a long time to have a dog as a pet, but somehow your parents were not ready to get you one? If you download for free the newest Talking Dog game, you will acquire a virtual buddy for life. The two of you will have tons of fun. This cool fellow is super talented. He is a skillful player of the guitar and the saxophone, but his hidden talent is dancing. Watch him bust the moves and feel free to join him. You will be surprised to find out that this guy is very talkative, he likes to chit-chat a lot, and would even repeat your words. This can be so hilarious, hearing your own sayings in a funny voice. Wait to discover his embarrassing secret, he farts! That is right! A cute talking dog has just furnished his new house and would like to have you as a guest there. Enter the living room and spend some time with his good friends, a bird, a bee as well as a rabbit. They will be so glad to see you. Your kids will love this game since it can help them learn to count to ten.
• Talk to your new friend, the dog, and he will repeat what you have said
• Collect coins by playing mini games and you will have so much fun
• Poke his leg or slap him until he sees stars
• Take your best pal to the gym or have a blast together in the playground
• Help the dog keep his hygiene and he will play some instrument for you
The latest Talking Dog game is so addictive that you will not be able to leave your device. It will become your favorite pastime and whenever you are waiting in a queue or are bored sitting alone at home, you will have the best distraction. Check out how your friend reacts when you poke his leg, or slap him. This will cause a belly laugh in you. Have a blast with your buddy playing interesting mini games or watching videos. This will get you so many coins and you will help adorable talking dog to unlock the rest of his rooms in the house. Your pet is taking a great care about his hygiene and tends to brush his teeth every time before going to bed. Help him with that and with taking a shower. After finishing everything in the bathroom he is ready for a good night sleep. Tap on the bird to turn off the light and you will hear him snoring in no time. When he wakes up join him in playing outside the house and you two will enjoy jumping on the trampoline or playing with a baseball ball. This cool talking dog has decided that he is overweight and that he needs to lose some weight, that is why he is exercising on the treadmill. If you like you can adjust the speed for him. Make him sweat and lose all those calories.
Collect as much coins as you can by playing mini games that are placed within the Talking Dog app. You have so many different ones amidst you can choose. Help a masked hero destroy all the insects coming his way in the popular Bugs Killer. If you want to get an adrenaline rush then the top Tiles Run is the best option for you. This will check the speed of your fingers. For all of you who like to do math the latest Cowboy Math Survive is perfect. Avoid all the obstacles in the desert and do the calculations at the same time. Use all your knowledge and guide a clever forest animal to reach the highest score. Play the top Clever Squirrel Jump and you will have a blast. With the newest Make Runners Safe game you are testing your skills on two or three different levels since you are to help more than one hero at the same time overcome the dangers on the road. This popular Talking Dog game will be the greatest thing that has happened to you, so don’t wait another second but get it now!

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