Talking Pretty Girl repeats everything you say with a funny voice


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Aug 30, 2023
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Talking Pretty Girl APP

Talking Pretty Girl Deluxe is an interactive and entertaining app that brings a whole new level of fun and learning! It's not just about repeating what you say in a funny voice; now, Pretty Girl can have intelligent conversations with users, tell stories, and even help them learn English or any other language. Experience endless laughter and enjoyment as you interact and engage with the upgraded Talking Pretty Girl.

How to play:

Talk to Pretty Girl, and she will repeat everything you say in a funny voice.
Watch Pretty Girl perform entertaining actions and dances.
Play guessing games with Pretty Girl for added fun.
Tap different parts of Pretty Girl's body to see her react with various actions.
Dress her up in the latest fashion trends to keep her looking fabulous.

New Intelligent Chat Feature:

Engage in smart conversations with Pretty Girl, making the experience more interactive and enjoyable.
Let Pretty Girl tell you interesting stories to keep you entertained.
Learn English or any other language with Pretty Girl's guidance and support.
Get ready to immerse yourself in endless fun, laughter, and learning with Talking Pretty Girl Deluxe! Download now and discover a whole new world of entertainment!
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