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Mar 12, 2020
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Talking Rap - Free for kids App

Talking Rapper - Free rap games autotune & beatbox does much more than just rap.

Talking Rapper is the best rap game and is a free game! Instead of only rapping to touch or simply repeating what rap music he hears, you can do much more with this cool rapper called Tom: play with a beatbox – complete with tons of hot beats, instrumentals and jammin sounds, scratch the record, paint graffitis on the wall, sign in autotune and invite your other rapper friends with ratchet. Dance the swish swish while using this free music app.

Discover all the possibilities of Talking Rapper and learn just what it should be a great rap to be a successful music artist.


🎤 Talk to Tom and he’ll repeat what you say rapping and autotune
🎧 Discover all his rap & trap movements.
🎤 Have Tom playing beats doing real beatbox and drum pad base.
🎧 Play rap & trap drum pads to create a rhythm base.
🎤 Scratch the record with your favorite rap song.
🎧 Paint graffiti and send it to your rapper friends with rapchat.
🎤 Talking Rapper is the best of all free rap games
🎧 Autotune, beatbox & trap is all you need to be the best rap game singer
🎤 Dance swish swish using this free music app

Record a video rapping and share it with rapchat ! Discover rap discipline with Talking Rapper!
Enjoy the new update! We've improved the application and increased its functionality speed! Now you can play non-stop! Do you like beatbox? Create a beatbox rhythm base and sig rap & trap in autotune with Talking Rapper.

Make your rhymes the best rhymes of the world and be the most famous rap & trap singer of the world! Talking Rapper is one of the best talking games and rap games in the store. Master all rap phases: sing, dance, drum pad, beatbox, autotune, trap, and more…

Two high-quality beat instruments. Make beats & Music!

Talking Rapper the rap singer includes two fun musical instruments typical of the rap scene.

🎧 Enjoy your very own beatbox or learn rapping with autotune. Learn beatbox, autotune and sing trap and to teach then by rapchat
🎧 Scratch the record to your favorite beat or rap song! Pick one from your rap music library and start scratching away and share it rapchat. It’s never been this easy!

Download and play free now possibly one of the best rap game in the store.

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