Talking Serial Monitor (FREE) APK

Talk-able Serial Monitor app for your Android/Arduino project (via BT)

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UpdatedApr 11, 2017 (3 years ago)
DeveloperNUDGE ME
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Latest update: Now with Voice Output feature
(you can disable/enable this through the Settings menu - refer the screenshots).

This handy app functions just like the Arduino IDE's Serial Monitor but in mobile way.

Users need to connect this app to Bluetooth modules (not over USB-OTG) such as Bluetooth Bee or HC-06 on the hardware side to start the serial monitoring job.

To test this app right away, you can download my Arduino Robot Joystick (ARJ) app or Kayu Gembira app (free version of ARJ app) to another Android device, connect through Bluetooth connection using the Connect menu and voila, the monitoring job begins.

If you want to test this app using Arduino hardware, you may upload "Read Analog Voltage" sketch from the Arduino IDE's Examples menu to your Arduino board, connect the Bluetooth module to appropriate pins (VCC, GND, TX, RX) and connect to this app using "Connect" menu.

What you see on Arduino IDE serial monitor will be exactly displayed by this app.

This FREE version does not contain any ad. It also still enables you to set the end character sent by the sender. It however prevents you to customize its GUI appearance.

If you like the function and practicality of this app, please buy the Full version at low cost. With the Full version, you can change the GUI appearance such as text size, text color and background color at your choice.

Thank you for your support.

Email: nudge.me959@gmail.com

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