Talking Stopwatch & Timer [Countdown/up Interval] APK

Talking Stopwatch & Timer [Countdown/up Interval]


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Latest Version

NameStopwatch and Timer APK
Version2.0.7 (111)
UpdatedSep 21, 2021
CategoryApps, Tools

Talking Stopwatch & Timer [Countdown/up Interval] App

This stopwatch can notify you of the time by voice as well as music and vibrate.

Easy to use stopwatch and timer with simple and intuitive interface.
Countdown timer, Count up timer, Interval timer, Countdown start, Speech time, Notify by voice and music, etc, are equipped with abundant functions.
The customizable UI can be changed freely, such as color, size, and font.
Perfect for every timing situation like sports, running, study, workout, meditation, cooking, game, wake up, work and so on!

★Digital Stopwatch. An easy to use simple stopwatch.
★Timers that can be easily set. (Count up timer, Countdown timer, Interval timer)
★Lap time, Split time.
★Countdown start.
★Speech time. (Use google text to speech.)
★Customizable UI. Color, Display size, Font (Digital LCD etc...), Button, Measuring units (1sec ~ 1ms)
★Change and fix the orientation. (full screen)
★Export by email or storage.
★Alarm sound. (Ringtone, Music file (Mp3, Wav), Vibration, Silent notification)
★Set background picture, wallpaper.
★Save battery life.
★Operates with little power consumption. Stopwatch measurement and timer will not be interrupted even if the terminal is shut down.
★Supports Tablet and smart phone.
★Timer works reliably even in the sleep state of the phone.

Useful as a kitchen timer, egg timer, tomato timer.
It can be used for tabata workout, boxing , chess, Interval training, fitness, treadmill.
Also as a countdown to Christmas, birthday, holiday and Anniversary.
You can set your favorite music and wallpaper. it your only Stopwatch Timer.

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