Hunt Flying Birds, Be a Real bird hunter & Taloor Hunting in Desert.


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Dec 6, 2019

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Taloor Hunting GAME

Taloor Bird Hunting presents you the most addictive and full of fun Bird shooting game for android users. You can see and install this game on Play store for free! Install, play and enjoy it.

Taloor Bird is found in the Arid areas like deserts. This bird is considered as Royal family Hunting bird because Arab sheikhs are fond of Hunting the Bird of this Family. In Desert hunter game you have to hunt Taloor bird one by one.
This Hunting game is a relaxing first person perspective Bird Hunt game. Users can look around the map by swiping the screen. There crow and pigeon are also flying in the air, don't hunt them other wise you will lose your game.

There are deer and other animals in desert on ground. Deer hunting in desert or Lion hunting in junlge is not included in your challenging mission. if you want to be a real animal hunter or real bird hunter or real birds shooter, you have to be expert sniper shooter and hunter.

You have a Sniper gun and to be very active, smart, accurate in aiming and shooting. If you miss to hunt Bird in your first try, he will fly away from your eyesight. You have to shoot him as early as possible. We hope you like our 3D Bird Hunt game.

There are real 3D Desert graphics in the environment of this shooting and hunting game. You have to hunt Taloor Bird to clear the mission in given time, if you fail to hunt them, then mission will be failed and game over as well. It is more interesting and full of fun game, you will really enjoy to play it.

Taloor Bird Hunting FEATURES:-
- Radar is available to find bird.
- Multiple and addictive missions
- No connectivity required
- Zoom option is available
- User friendly and easy to play
- Real 3D models of Bird
- Realistic Sniper Shooting Hunt
- Best Sniper Shooting Experience in Desert

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