Tamil Calendar Panchangam (வாக்கிய பஞ்சாங்கம் ) APK

Tamil Calendar Panchangam (வாக்கிய பஞ்சாங்கம் )


Download Tamil Calendar Panchangam (வாக்கிய பஞ்சாங்கம் ) APK for Android - Free - Latest Version


Latest Version

NamePanchangam APK
Version4.0.4 (400004)
UpdatedApr 17, 2021
DeveloperSathyanarayanan Srinivasan
CategoryApps, Lifestyle

Updated - What's New

* Switching to https fully to add more security
* Complying with Google policy updates
What is new in this Update:
1.App exit with alert - Back button will work now
2.Chandrshtamam corrected
3.Faster Menu added
4.Shannavadhi Tarpana sanakalpam added
5.Vivasaya vishayam added
6.Overall minor corrections done
7.Look and feel slightly changed
8.App size reduced by few kbs

Tamil Calendar Panchangam (வாக்கிய பஞ்சாங்கம் ) App

Vakya Based Panchangam including daily grahas position, all lagnams start end...

Parantham Tamil Vakya Panchangam app - published by www.brahminsnet.com - Updated
2021 April. Off line available for Pilava year. Online data available since 2018 to 2022.
If any trouble opening this app go to
panchangam.ahobilam.com where you can get updates often.

Daily essential Panchangam data including Grahas Posistion will be given both in Online and offline.
When Online it will be shown in the first menu,
if required in offline have Select Calendar-offline menu under
பஞ்சாங்க விஷயங்கள்.
Main menu also having Off-line panchangam menu item at the end.
and have to scroll and find the required date.
Daily Panchangam
year, Ayanam, Rudu, Date, Day, Thithi, Star, Yoga, Karana, Chandrashtama,
Udhyalagna, Shradha thithi, Sunrise, Day speciality, Ragu -Yama - Kuligai details,
2 good times, above all given in signle screen beautifully.
1.Monthly Calendar
2.Date Picker to see details
3.Vikari - 2019 - 2020
linked with 13 pages to show -Venbaa,
Graha peyarchi, Grahanam, nava naaygas,
Kandhayams, vaastu days, Vaishnava - smartha - madhva
aacharya days, monthly data for all 12 months - collected
data from various sources and given 365 days specialities.
Speical chart given for Vrada visesha days every month.

4. Vikari - Grahapadasaaram
5. Vilambi - 2018-19
6. Gowri Panchangam
7. Horais & Phalan
8. 2019-20 RasiPhalan
9. General Phalan
10. Easy Numerology
11. Marriage Matching rules
12. 2019-20 Muhurthams
13. Rules to select good muhurtham for 27 important events as listed at the end.
14. Genral sankalpam (audio)
15. Punyakala nirnaya rules
16. Tarpana sankalpam 103 days (shannavati)
17. Shradha thithi table (2018-2020)
18. Dasa bukti Antar table
19. 21 Doshas of a day explained
20. 22 properties of 9 grahas explained
21. 11 properties of 27 stars explained
23. Help for farmers
24. All technical details of various aspects of panchangam well explained
in 20 different headings as below.
1) Introduction
2) What is panchagam
3) How is a month starts
4) Time duration of Rasis
5) What is Rasi balance
6) What is Lagnam
7) Sthana Sudhdham
8) Graha Pathasaaram details
9) Which star belongs to which Rasi
10) What is Navamsam
11) What are to be avoided
12) What is Dina Portutham
13) Dina Porutham for what and whom
14) What is chandrashtamam
15) What is the use of Sunrise
16) How to convert Nazhi to Hours-Minutes
17) What is Gowri Panchangam
18) Janma - Anujanma -Thrijanma?
19) Dos and Donts at Agni Nakshatra Period
20) What is shradham - Shradha thithi
Rules to select good day for the following:
1) Marriage
2) Mangalyam making
3) Bride 1st visit to parents home
4) Shanti Muhurtam
5) Pumsavanam - Poochoottal
6) Seemantam
7) Go for Prasavam
8) Craadle starting
9) Child naming
10) Ear Piercing
11) Anna Prashanam
12) 1st Tonsure
13) Vidhyarambam
14) Upanayanam
15) Yatra (Prayanam)
16) Manai Pooja
17) Vaasarkaal
18) Gruhapravesh
19) Deva Pratishta
20) Vehicle purchase
21) Job - business start
22) Wear New cloths
23) Wear New jewels
24) Take medicine
25) Surgery
26) Snanam after recovery
27) Oil Bath
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