Card role-playing game based on the plot of Thien Do Long Ky


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Mar 2, 2024
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Tân Ỷ Thiên Đồ Long Ký Mobile GAME

Kim Dung standard role-playing martial arts game
Mobie game "Tan Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky Mobile" with a plot based on the classic work "Yen Thien Do Long Ky" by Kim Dung, in the game you will be accompanied by Truong Vo Ky and familiar knights in battle. Wanderer, there is nothing more wonderful than having beauties and martial arts masters to help you on your way to becoming the best master.
The world of Kim Dung's wanderers is not only about swords and swords, magical powers, power and fame, but more than that is the spirit of chivalry.
It is said that wherever there are people, there are gangsters, perhaps everyone has had a dream of being a gangster, but in reality life is difficult to be as free and easy as in the stories. “Tan Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky Mobile” will bring you that dream of a wanderer, helping you experience the most authentic emotions of love, hatred and hatred.
Game features:
___The character awakens and is promoted to the rank of Grand Master
Go through copies, level up, increase stars, awaken characters, and work hard to awaken with Truong Vo Ky to become the number one master.
___Roll around the world, collect knights
The game fully brings together the characters from Kim Dung's original novel, enter the game to recruit beauties like Chu Chi Nhuoc, Trieu Man, Tieu Chieu or martial arts masters like Truong Tam Phong, King Kim Mao. .
___Pass the dungeon and unlock the Divine Weapon
Through passing random copies to receive pieces of the Divine Weapon Do Long Dao, Ỷ Thien Kiem and many other types of Divine Weapons, Ỷ Thien Do Long in hand, the fighting power increases like flying, one move to destroy the enemy is not a dream.
___Hundreds of exercises, freely combined
Countless great martial arts secrets such as Can Khon Dai Na Di, Vajra Phuc Ma Kung, Tai Chi Quan, etc. are easy to receive and practice, based on the characteristics of each knight to combine the secrets and nurture the team. strong and unrivaled form.
___Gypsy conflicts, forces confront each other
Martial arts congress, Quang Minh Dinh Duel, challenge the Grand Master, Shaolin Temple battle, Ancient Tomb encounter, etc. and many other exciting gameplay waiting for you to explore, join the wanderers on the journey to find Let's just be righteous.
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