Destroy all enemy tanks and defend the eagle base. 35 free stages.


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Sep 8, 2023
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Tank Battle GAME

• Contains 35 different stages. Each stage contains different types of terrain and obstacles
• There are four progressively harder types of enemy tanks
• Several types of power-ups: Tank, Star, Bomb, Clock, and Shield
• Choose controller from the joystick or D-Pad, and you can also resize it to give you the best control experience
• Retro game graphics and sound effects, let you relive the past experience

[Game Play]
You are controlling a Tank, must destroy enemy tanks in each stage, which enter the play field from the top of the screen. The enemy tanks attempt to destroy the player's base (represented on the map as an eagle), as well as your tank. A stage is completed when you destroys all 20 enemy tanks, but the game ends if your base is destroyed or you loses all available lives. Note that your tank's weapon can destroy the base as well, so you can still lose even after all enemy tanks are destroyed.

This game contains 35 different stages. Each stage contains different types of terrain and obstacles. Examples include brick walls that can be destroyed by having either your tank or an enemy tank shoot at them, steel walls that can be destroyed by your tank if it has collected three or more power-up stars, bushes that hide tanks under them, ice fields that make it difficult to control tank and pools of water which cannot be crossed by tanks.

There are four progressively harder types of enemy tanks, with the toughest one requiring four shots to kill (while other tanks only require one shot).
• Basic Tank: Generally poses little threat. Moves slower than player, fires at the same speed default power(zero star). (Movement: Slow, Bullet: Slow, 100 points)
• Fast Tank: Generally more dangerous to the headquarters than a player; should be dispatched quickly. (Movement: Fast, Bullet: Normal, 200 points)
• Power Tank: Don't go to their line of fire. Cuts through brick walls quicker than other tanks. (Movement: Normal, Bullet: Fast, 300 points)
• Armor Tank: Starts as green; gradually turns gray upon harm. Don't destroy them head-on until the 2nd star power is collected. (Movement: Normal, Bullet: Normal, 400 points)

The game becomes more challenging in later stages, as enemy tanks may act as decoys to lure players away from their base so that another tank can destroy it.

There are several types of power-ups:
• Tank: a symbol that gives an extra life.
• Star: it improves your tank (having one star make shots faster, having two stars allow two simultaneous shots, having three stars allow your tank to destroy steel). Your tank carries power-up across levels unless being destroyed, which resets its stats;
• Bomb: destroys all visible enemy tanks;
• Clock: freezes all enemy tanks for a period of time;
• Shield: makes your tank invulnerable to attack for a period of time.

Enjoy !
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