Tankies 0 Trial APK

Small tanks try to conquer the opponent's camp.

Version1.2.8 (111)
UpdatedMar 11, 2016 (5 years ago)
CategoryGames, Board

On SMALL smartphones, this free trial version and the paid version are the same.

On larger phones and on tablets, this trial version offers LESS board sizes than are possible on the device:

* On smartphones ONE board size (1 = 7 x 8 fields)
* On 7" tablets TWO board sizes (2 = 8 x 9 fields)
* On 10" tablets THREE board sizes (3 = 9 x 10 fields)

On its first screen after startup, this app shows the number of possible board sizes on the device.

Note: from this point on, the texts for the trial and the full version are the same.

With the "Tankies" apps, there are always TWO players. one of them are you - and the other one can be the program or another person.

The aim of a match is to conquer the opponent's camp.

Especially during the first rounds, explanatory texts are displayed, parallel to the match. Because there are only two lines for this, you'll often have to think hard, or it will even puzzle you. Simply play around - nothing can go wrong.

If you have set the language of your device to German, the app will use this language. Otherwise, the text lines are shown in English.

During a match, the Tankies apps don't need a wireless connection. Thus they can be operated offline (airplane mode).

What's New

1. There is an inital info now.
2. In the beginning, NO tankie is active now.
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