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The Dravidian Science of non-penetrative Tantric Sex

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In Dravidian Hindu Aaiyyanism: non-penetrative Tantric Sex Ritual Magic is used to open up Talas (negative dimensions) and Loka (positive dimensions) so that the adept can become One with negative entities such as Demons or positive entities such as Gods.

This app will teach you how to open up the powerful Nirampetian Tala and the Odikamuyyan Loka so that you can become One with Asuras (demons) or Devas (gods).

The important point to note is that there is no penetrative sex during these rituals as that will disrupt the resonant link between the Tala/Loka space and the practitioners.

The text in this app mainly originate from the teachings of Guru Hotriya Upadhyaya (1435 BC to 1343 BC). The Third Guru of Aaiyyanism and the first female Guru of modern Aaiyyanism since the re-emergence of Aaiyyan around 3500 years ago. Aaiyyan is an incarnation of Murugan and is often spoken of as Murugan-Aaiyyan.

The aim of Tantric Aaiyyanism is to open Asuric/Demonic portals (Talas) or positive Deva portals (Lokas) and become One with the entities that exist in the many Talic/Lokic realms. One of the ways of doing this is to inscribe the Yantra (symbols) of the Tala/Loka, chant the Yantras name and meditate on the Yantra as do members of the Aatmaani-Abhichaara School. This will then open that Tala-Loka space that the entity lives in, or a Tala-Loka realm that houses a specific energy type that the Tantric practitioner wishes to harness... such as the energy to acquire healing, wealth and/or power.

Inscribing the Yantra on Canvas, paper or the ground is one method to open Tala-Loka spaces. However, there is another powerful way to open Talas and Lokas, and that is to use the Dravidian Sex Magic as espoused by the Ancient Aaiyyanists. Remember, 70-100,000 years ago before the emergence of the demon Surapadman, humans were very close to the spiritual world and the adepts could traverse between the material and spiritual planes/dimensions at will. Surapadman blocked this but not entirely, and so it was discovered soon after Surapadman's appearance (50,000 years ago), that in the ecstasy of sexual union one could harness this energy into opening Talas (and Lokas). However, it is the Tantric adepts who took this practice further and formulated the ritualistic sex magic that is presented in this app.

The ancients found that by tracing a Yantra onto the skin in various Tatavuuyaan points (specific spiritual and physical sensitive parts of the human body) while engaging in a non-penetrative sexual act, one could resonantly align themselves with the Tala/Loka and thus open up to the energy and entities that exist there. The important point of this is that there is no penetration between the two or more parties as this would disrupt the resonant link between the individuals and the Talas/Lokas. Also, the point of the act was not procreation but to link yourself with the Tala (or Loka) in a union of sexual energy.

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The non penetrative Tantric Sex magic from the Dravidian Masters of Jnana Yoga.

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