This lazy frog is willing to fly high up in the sky

This lazy frog is willing to fly high up in the sky. He has invented a new way to hover in the sky. You know how? By hopping and jumping. The frog is craving to explore upper world on the trees and go for a new quest. There is no ladder or elevator that he can go up on the trees. He found that there are several other empty nest around the trees. So lazy frog started hoping from one to another with jumping dash. It was a great fun, and so helpful for learning to explore the new world. He learnt a new way to explore this world of forest.
But beware!!! This fun game of hoping from leaf to leaf could be lethal. There is no hunter but there is a hungry eagle in search of a prey. He is hovering everywhere around the forest and keeps an eye on every moment of the lazy frog. The frog misses the tree leaves and monster eagle will grab him in his strong clutch. The eagle is very hungry and angry too.
You are required to train this lazy frog. To train him how to hop, you need to tap on the screen to hop him to the upper leaf. For this you need to tap on the screen. Keep an eye on the position of the next leaf and tap, the frog will hop to the next leaf. But if u miss your guess, frog will fall, and you fail to train him properly.
The leaves are moving, so first guess the correct position of the leaf, and then tap on the screen to hop the lazy frog. Tap at the right time. Keep taping and flying, and enjoy the joy ride with the frog. Keep going higher and higher up in the sky. Leaving behind the top trees in the whole jungle. And if the frog misses any leaf, friend bird will catch him, and put him back in the nest safely. But not every time, the fellow bird will do it only up to 5 misses. Lazy frog misses the nest 6th time and he dies.
♦ Cool Graphics Along With An Awesome Cartoon Style Characters
♦ Cute & Nice Forest Environment
♦ Sweet Background Music
♦ Nice Sound Effects
♦ Engaging And Challenging Gameplay
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