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Versionv6.0.12 (92)
UpdatedNov 27, 2015 (5 years ago)
CategoryApps, Productivity

With Tap Log it is easy to maintain a record of statistics such as work tasks, weight, drinks or anything else you want to keep track of. Categories are customizable and allow you to generate well-formatted log entries in seconds of quantities, text notes, gps locations, and more. You can even log directly from the home-screen with home-screen widgets.

Event categories are set up in advance to minimize the interaction required to log events as they happen in real-time. A set of charts are included that include daily sum, average, min, max, time of day, streak, and more.

Tap Log has been used to track mood, habits, calories, coffee intake, water and alcohol intake, height, vitamins, basic workouts, and much more. Apart from health and fitness, people use Tap Log's GPS and e-mail features for law enforcement, trucking mileage, expense tracking, and real estate logging. Tap Log helps some users run their small businesses.

Tap Log makes it easy to log quickly so you can focus on more important things in life.

• E-mail: r.george.e.b@gmail.com
• Twitter: @taplogger

Database transfers:
The easiest way to transfer databases is to purchase and use the backup service, but you can also transfer it manually using the following instructions. Options for manual export can be found in App Settings -> Miscellaneous

How to transfer a database from OldPhone to NewPhone:
1. On NewPhone, open Tap Log and export the DB
2. Locate the NewPhone TapLog directory (either on phone memory or SD card)
3. On OldPhone, open Tap Log and export the DB
4. Locate the OldPhone TapLog directory and copy it
5. Paste the TapLog Directory from the OldPhone over the NewPhone TapLog directory
6. Open Tap Log on the NewPhone and import the DB

Email: support@taplog.net

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