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NameTasty World APK
Version1.10.1 (2619)
UpdatedAug 31, 2021
DeveloperFood games for free
CategoryGames, Simulation

TASTY WORLD Ice Cream Fever game

Try Cooking and Baking Yummy Pie or Cake with Coffee in Girls cafeland Bakery!

Become the Top Cooking Chef and Build Your Own Restaurant Empire!

🍔 Experience the real joy & madness of cooking with Tasty World — one of the best food management games. Start a chef fever crazy to build my empire bakery from a scratch. Cook yummy food, oh meal maker, and keep it crazy in order to become the highest rising super chef in the world. You can open my pizza fu sushi shop, run a mall food court, or make street truck food. Download the game right now and make your own choice! 🍔

🍟 different restaurants (Pancakes, Burger shop, Chinese restaurant,Ice cream truck and Cool soft drinks);

🌭 choose more than 200 actual levels in the story;

🍕 collect the combo and get a tip for additional bonuses;

🌮 various blenders, coffee machines, all kitchen inventory to cook the best meals;

🍣 a lot of ingredients to prepare the desired order.

Be the real top fast food maker 🧑‍🍳. Do not let the competitors surpass you! Show real cooking, making food & baking skills 🏆 with farm mad girl 🐮 toca to prove that your chef papa gordon pizzeria deserves a Michelin star. Find new recipes and improve your kitchen to turn my secret bistro fun into the best tasty restaurant on the planet.

Embrace your inner chef kitchen fever and start cooking right now! The game never gets boring thanks to a huge choice of recipes. Become the world’s best chef while creating our favorite dishes 🍳! Earn money and use it to improve your café mania cooking restaurant and bring new customers.

👆 Cook off n learn delicious meals. The game includes top cooking chef ramsay recipes for any taste. Bake a cake, serve hot dog, burgers and krusty sandwiches or turn into an Asian cooking star 😎. The cafe food world lets you choose any path to the masterchef dream plate. Cook your own food game!

Exciting story. Unlike other food games for free, this one has a great narrative. Meet Roger the manager, florist mama Sasha, cook Baker, carpenter Sam, girls: Masha, Shetty and May the vet. There are never too many cooks in the kitchen! And even a bear!

🍽 Tap to travel and cook whatever you want. Multiple chef wars journeys. Sell high cuisine or ready to serve burger and fries, soup 🥣 and taco. There are tons of recipes 📖 that you can use during the dash diner. Create my restaurant empire of your dreams!

🔥 Amazing visuals. The game look exceptionally good thanks to high-quality textures and unique art style. At the same time, it runs smoothly even on older portable device 📱.

🍪 Multiple easy bake oven games in one. Become a master of the grill or start an elite we happy restaurant business. Play this as a bake cookies cooking game or make great good pizza pie 🥧. Enjoy the hot cooking craze in any cafeland world kitchen!

💥 This chef fever cooking express game includes dozens of exciting mechanics. You will be able to learn new usa recipes, serve the foods, buy new restaurants, and design your № 1 cafe. Go hunt and catch the best goods and complete achievement 🥇. Receive great rewards for your efforts! 💥

📱 Learn more, say Hi and get a сooking lesson on social media:

Tasty World is the perfect mobile game 🎮 for true food tycoon 💪. Thanks to it, you can open your own lunch panic HD and turn it into the biggest kids shelpa restaurant. Design the kitchen 🎨 and create the best chef’s life. Cook, serve with me to build the restaurant of your dreams! Get the app right now and play it free.
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