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Nov 1, 2023
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Nothing is better than a digital companion that you can rely on to make your daily life easier.

We offer you Tawakkalna with its entirely new identity. The app now contains many features and products, offering an unparalleled experience in one place.

The most prominent features of Tawakkalna in its new identity are:

● All-new Design!

To make your life easier, we have completely changed the entire experience and redesigned our interface. Tawakkalna has become smoother, more vibrant, easier to navigate, and customizable. Everything you need is just one button away.

● Services and Benefits with a Fresh Perspective!

Discover the most prominent new services and features designed to enhance your comfort.

● Our Partners are Closer to you than Ever!

On the partner page, you will be able to stay abreast of the latest updates and events, and you can follow the partners to quickly access all their events and services.

● Your Documents are at your Fingertips!

We have gathered your cards, documents, and important information in one easy-to-access place so you can browse and share them with ease.

● Browse your Top Events!

You can view the most important events and the expiration dates of your important documents in the Reminders and Tawakkalna calendar. You can also find information about significant national and Islamic events, as well as other occasions.

● Search from Anywhere within Tawakkalna!

We have improved the search experience. Now, you can search for what you need in Tawakkalna from anywhere within the app.

● Receive the Most Important Messages!

You will receive the most important partner messages tailored for you, and you can interact with them.

Many more services and benefits await you! Enjoy exploring our all-new Tawakkalna.
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