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Sep 16, 2022

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Taxi Driver 3D GAME

Welcome To The Modern Taxi Driving Game!
Start your day behind the wheel of a yellow taxi cab! This is no ordinary Driving Game; compete with other drivers for customers! Use your skills to navigate tight, urban streets and crowded roads to reach destinations under the time limit. Compete for parking spots and avoid crashing into other vehicles while sharing the road with trucks, jeeps, and motorbikes!
Roam around the city and offer your pro taxi services to the people. Your race is against time so buckle up and ride your taxi like a pro. drive the taxi in rush hour and transport the passengers on time.
Move around the city and spot the passengers in need of transport. Make their taxi ride the best in the city. Drive on the smooth roads and cover the entire city. Show the city you belong to the best taxi driving school with your driving skills. Move around in the city traffic and cover the distance in short time.

Taxi Driver 3D features:
• Exciting taxi driving missions and level progression
• Customizable controls (tilt, steer, or buttons) to match your cabs driving style
• Versatile camera featuring various angles for 360 degree visibility
• Marvelous graphics of realistic city environment
• Smooth controls for challenging gameplay
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