Taxi murugan has years of experience in the taxicab business

Taxi murugan has years of experience in the taxicab business. We are the largest operator of taxicab services in Bangalore City once.
We operate taxi/cabs in the greater Bangalore area, including the Bangalore International Airport. Our goal is to continue to grow by expanding to more cities, and to set the standard as the highestquality taxi service in the industry.
In the taxicab business, we have two customers: the back-seat customer (the passenger) and the front-seat customer (the driver). We strive to provide excellent service to both of these customers, andto exceed the expectations of the hotels,corporate, hospitals and other business clients and local transportation authorities that rely on us. We understand the taxi business and know how to deliverthe highest quality of service, engaging both lease drivers and owner operators as partners.
There are several advantages that differentiate us from our competitors. One is our experience managing taxis. We have been in the business for over 10 years, beginning with the deepam Cabs, laterUtaxi 2007. Another advantage is our scope; we operate approximately 100 to 200 taxis in Bangalore, and our 24-hour call centers receive over 1 million calls and dispatch 2 million trips per year.Over the last ten years, we have developed proprietary systems and controls for dispatching, cashiering, driver services, customer service, safety, technology and more, enabling us to provideextremely reliable service to our customers.
And because of our relentless focus on delivering top quality service and implementing best rates in taxi operations, Taxi Murugan hold the largest market share of any company in their respectivemarkets.
We are continuing to innovate in our taxi businesses. We are going to introduce alternative fuel taxis, including auto rickshaw and two wheeler taxis, into our fleets in 2017. We use the most updatedand modern computer dispatching systems in the industry. We have developed sophisticated direct billing services for our corporate customers, hospitals, hotels, universities and other clients. We canoffer customized debit/credit cards to enable clients to manage their costs and offer a convenience to those on their staff who are authorized to use taxis.
We are constantly working to ensure that our drivers have the finest tools available in order to provide the best and most punctual service in every city in which we operate. We offer service to thedisabled community and the elderly in partnership with city par transit services, Medicaid and other government and private entities in the healthcare field.
Taxi murugan
The Taxi murugan Company was created in 2006. It is the oldest cab service in Our taxicab service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
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