Press the button and call the taxi in a simple and innovative way.


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May 3, 2023
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Do you need a taxi? Press the TaxiClick Easy button and you will call your taxi in the simplest way possible.

Warning: TaxiClick Easy can currently be used in Turin, Bologna, Alessandria, Empoli, Genoa and Barcelona

TaxiClick Easy was born from the need, increasingly felt by customers who use the taxi as their usual means of transport, to reduce the time needed to request a taxi, to have an estimate in advance of the cost of the ride and to find satisfaction from the point of view the ease of the user experience.

What it allows you to do:
- Estimate of the cost of the journey based on the municipal tariffs in force, the geolocation and the insertion of the destination.
- By pressing the button on the Home screen, the request will be sent and confirmation will be obtained in a few seconds, which requires receipt of the journey number, initials and license of the arriving taxi and the waiting time. Follow the arrival of your taxi by displaying the constantly updated distance from you, or on the map.
Confirmation of the arriving taxi takes place with a notification, with the application open or closed.
- The taxi can be paid in several ways. In addition to cash, it is possible to pay by credit card directly from TaxiClick Easy or for subscribers by entering the subscriber code, which will allow the amount to be debited directly to a virtual account at the end of the journey to then be invoiced at the end of the month with the summary of the trips made.

TaxiClick Easy - The easy, fast and green taxi!
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