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Nov 13, 2022
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Taximeter - Cabidi APP

Cabimap is a taximeter application designed for professional drivers, making it easy to track the transportation of people or goods. Versatile features have been designed together with the users of the application!

Over 50000 satisfied customers!

Our flexible billing doesn’t tie you in lengthy contracts. You can use our application for a month at a time.

You can use either pre-set prices or pricing based on driven distances and time. Keep account on work hours and driven distances. Customer billing can be done with SumUp integration, you only need a SumUp payment terminal and a SumUp account.

- Find new clients, place your car on a map https://www.cabimap.com
- Accurate measure by distance or time
- Excat measure via GPS or OBD2 (ELM327 support)
- Metter on/off/pause
- Waiting time fare
- 4+4 user define base fare
- 4 user define extra fare (Pets, Luggage, Special etc..)
- SumUp payment system integration
- iZettle lauch button
- POS printer support
- Send receipes to customer from app or via SumUp
- Possibility to lock give fare settings with PIN
- Automatic (autopilot) mileage log while taxi drive, (REQUIRES background allowed from user)
- Define driver, comppany names
- Simple working diary
- Choose work, private or taxi mode for GUI
- Works on background
- Can be used automatically mode
- Export/Send driving diary easy
- Edit/Add driving log
- Automatic start and stop address to history (REQUIRES background allowed from user)
- Navigation
- Google Navigation integration
- Track Miles/Track KM, Imperial and metric units (km/mi)
- Drivers Tracker, Drivers note
- Several currency support
- And there is more... Download and check all features by you self ;)

Before use, check your local laws and regulations about taximeter or taxi app usage in business.

This program may not be used as a taximeter in countries where the law requires a permanently installed taximeter in the car. The user is responsible for how to use the application and is obliged to ensure that the use complies with the customs required by the law of the respective country of use.

Do not use this app to replace real taximeter in Finland it's not allowed.
Only contract price part is allowed use in Finland.
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