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TBC Business - a brand new, business-friendly mobile app.

Version1.1.0 (11)
UpdatedAug 02, 2020 (4 months ago)
DeveloperJSC TBC Bank
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Consistent with our mission "MAKE PEOPLE'S LIVES EASIER", comes a completely new app that makes the most of the feedback we receive from businesses about their needs, wishes and what they’d be interested in to see in their mobile experience.

We have created a platform to build upon years to come and we are here to listen to you.
• Approving multiple orders with a single digipass code.
• In-app account switching for more than two linked business accounts.
• IBAN scanner - lets you easily scan, copy and paste long IBAN codes using your phone's camera.
• Other minor details aimed at making the experience more convenient and seamless.
Alongside completely refreshed user experience, users will also engage with familiar mobile banking services like simple & secure authorization; overarching dashboard, money transfers and currency conversions and so on.
An incomplete list of features of TBC Business include:
Users may securely access their accounts in a variety of authentication methods, starting from User & Password combination followed by a simple 5-digit pass code or by utilizing smartphone’s biometric capabilities like Fingerprint ID or Face ID.
The home screen of the app now includes all the essential information and shortcuts to most frequently visited parts of the app.
Users will instantly see their total balances corresponding to their cards / accounts; loans; deposits and guarantees.
A simple swipe through the pending orders will let the users approve or cancel them right from the home screen.

A dedicated page to products include all the details and actions available currently in client’s product portfolio ownership - corresponding balances to accounts / multicurrency cards, blocked amounts, transactions history and so on.
All of these in some minor differences also apply to Loans, Deposits and Guarantees.

Users may transfer and convert currency within own accounts in just a few taps. Make national currency transfers to state treasury or to someone else (Users may use IBAN scanner as part of this particular transfer) within TBC or to other Georgian banks.
A new, dedicated section of the orders waiting for confirmation lets the respective rights owner select multiple items from the pending orders and approve all of them by just a single digipass code.
Users will be able to navigate, filter, search, check the status or take action thru particular transactions in “orders” and “transaction history” sections respectively.
Users with multiple linked businesses will be able to switch between accounts without signing out of the app.*
A dedicated business banker will always be in reach of few taps on the “widget”, where users may choose their preferred method of contact to that person. **
Users will also be able to send and receive messages to and from TBC via “messaging” in more menu.
Hiding or showing accounts, changing password, setting up passcode or biometric parameters will all be available in the “settings” menu.
Currency section includes standard and special rates*** as well as national bank’s rates applicable at that moment.
We are very excited to deliver this initial version of the app into your hands and we cannot wait to hear your feedback, which will be very much appreciated.
*switching business accounts applies to clients who have linked their business profiles to their retail user
**only a selected number of users (clients with business banker assigned) will be able to see the business banker widget
***special rates will only be visible to a selected number of users (clients with special currency rates)

What's New

New Feature: Added a completely new tab for "Batch Transfers" where you may approve / cancel or see the details of pending or completed batch transfers.
Bug Fix: Fixed the non-responding issue in transfers wizard.
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue of mistakenly displaying a 0.70 GEL fee for commission free transfers.
Bug Fix: Other minor / under the hood bug fixes and optimizations.

Email: businessmobile@tbcbank.com.ge

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