TCPR Link provides real-time feedback of the CPR compression rate to the user

Version1.10.7 (201905031)
UpdatedMay 02, 2019 (1 year ago)
CategoryApps, Health & Fitness

During a training session, the TCPR Link app initiates a hands-free call to your partner. The app activates your camera to detect your movements and guides you towards the right compression rate. Your trainings partner will be able to monitor your compression rate - as well as the time without compressions - on the TCPR Link website and coach you by telephone.

The first two days after the training, your results can be found using your ID: this number consists of either the last four digits of your telephone number or a random number. After those two days, the ID will be deleted from the records. TCPR Link uses your phone and internet connection, which (depending on your cell phone and internet data plan) might result in additional fees.

Email: per.helge.aasland@laerdal.com

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