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Rotary in India through RILM - “Rotary India Literacy Mission” has embarked upon one of the most comprehensive and holistic programs on Total Literacy and Quality Education. This mission wishes to achieve the literacy goals through its comprehensive program called TEACH.

The TEACH by RILM program stands for: T - Teacher Support, E - E-Learning, A - Adult Literacy, C - Child Development and H - Happy Schools.
Each of these programs with specific focus is inter-linked with the others in objective and content, accompanied with improvement in learning outcome of primary education and spread of adult literacy in various parts of the country.

Through the Teach program, we intend to ensure:
• That each school teacher is well trained and her/ his skills are continuously upgraded with modern technology.
• That each student gets the best e-learning facilities in school for better learning and retention of knowledge.
• That every adult is literate and earns his/her living with honour.
• That each student gets to see, hear, read and use high class learning material that helps her/him understand, question and find answers.
• That every child in India goes to school and gets the same opportunity of education as his/her affluent contemporary.
• That each school is a ‘Happy School’
• That each child or adult we reach out to make her/ his own future and India’s future too.

Teach by RILM : In this mammoth endeavour, RILM has joined hands with a wide range of stake holders, including the Central and State Governments, sister organisations of the Rotary family like the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs of India, Rotaracters, Interacters, Rotary Community Corps, corporates as well as a variety of non-governmental organisations.

The Teach App is a handy tool for all persons involved in the TEACH initiative. Teach by RILM can be used by Rotarians, Inner Wheel Members and Rotaracters to upload and view service projects related to TEACH, upload information about school surveys and child development programs. Other users may use the TEACH app to learn more about the program and to sign up as Volunteers to get engaged in this unique initiative.

Email: teach.rilm@gmail.com

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