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1.5.1 · Jun 15, 2021

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Version1.5.1 (11)
UpdatedJun 15, 2021
CategoryGames, Puzzle

Team 2 | Dark U game

turn by turn Side view 2D

In the worlds of men, immortality begins to become commonplace after the discovery of the fountain of youth. Death appreciates his helplessness very little and takes revenge on men by sending them to hell one after the other.

So you decide to go to the bowels of this world before men disappear. Their goal is simple, to prevent Death from achieving its ends and to save as many humans as possible.

You must defeat the new inhabitants of the underworld to send them back to the human world. Go through the dungeons in order to force Death to show itself to face it and stop its actions. Your equipment will be a major asset to avoid succumbing to combat, so prepare yourself before crossing swords.

Game content:
3 main characters
3 dungeons with increasing difficulty
About fifty different objects
Thousands of different combinations
Dozens of different monsters to kill
There is even death which is serious stylish.

Game system:
Strategic turn-based combat that will put your Thinking to the test
Characters have stats and skills that depend on the items you assign to them. So you can create your own team to defeat death.
Dungeons are randomly created to create a new experience with each game.
As well as an endless mode and a leaderboard to compare your performance with other users, your endless score, your number of enemies killed will be taken into account but also your heal, damage, death etc ...

Contact us:

Game Artist: Jeanne Cabon
Game Programming: Charlélie Garrigues, Alex Copin and Félix Jouanneau
Game Designer: Stanislas Rado, Mathis Jelmoni and Rémy Schlaeintzauer


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