Weld tables for the resistance welding.

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UpdatedMay 27, 2013 (7 years ago)
DeveloperTecna S.p.A.
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TECNA has always been on the cutting edge in the world of the resistance welding and a pioneer as for its own products. This is the reason why TECNA could not miss in the world of Apple and App.

The new TECNA’s application helps the operator in the most tricky moments of the resistance welding performance, that is to say during the adjustment of the welding machine. Since the professional standards in the field of welding have been lately changing, this App can compensate for some lacks. In fact, it can help adjusting the welding machine according to the material and the thickness of the piece to be welded, thus allowing to quickly identify the welding class and consequently the number of spots required to weld properly.

This application is equipped with the Duty Cycle function, a parameter that is usually difficult to regulate, which allows the user to adjust or to size the machine according to the maximum number of spots that can be performed in one hour time without running any risks, now not much more common, of burning the machine.

Although the information and the parameters shown in our application are correct and international, we cannot be deemed liable for the final outcome, since there are many variable elements involved which vary depending on the welded materials.
However, we always suggest to test the endurance of the spot in order to assess the real class of it prior to proceeding with the job to be done.

Email: apps@tecna.net

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